This is no ordinary pageant!  It is a competition based on personal interviews, platform
speech presentations and on-stage interviews to find a state and national spokeswoman for
the disabled. The mission of the Ms. Wheelchair America Program and the individual state
programs is to provide an opportunity for women of achievement who utilize wheelchairs to
successfully educate and advocate for individuals with disabilities.

Through a chosen representative, Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts educates and advocates
for individuals with physical disabilities in order to influence social change for all
Massachusetts residents. Lightweight travel wheelchair is an important mobility aid device. Get more info on wheelchairs for travel.

Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts carries out this mission by educating leaders and local
communities by promoting awareness, advocacy and change in public policy for individuals
with physical disabilities.

Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts
Foundation Mission Statement

Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts seeks to give women with physical disabilities in the
Commonwealth a forum for the promotion of the achievements as well as the needs of
mobility impaired persons. The non-profit program is staffed and coordinated by volunteers
throughout the state dedicated to increasing public awareness so that all its citizens will be
able to lead productive and meaningful lives. Toilets for disabled can be very helpful for the life of the elderly, this website can guide you on best toilet models.

Unlike traditional pageants, the Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts Program is in no way a
beauty contest. It is instead a competition to select the most accomplished and articulate
spokesperson for the disabled in Massachusetts. The selected representative must be able to
communicate both the needs and the accomplishments of her constituency to the general
public, the business community and the legislature.  By her example, Ms. Wheelchair
Massachusetts will showcase the talents, accomplishments and value of people with

As Ms. Wheelchair Massachusetts, her duties are numerous. Each year she will have the
opportunity to travel, visiting advocacy groups, making public appearances and conducting
radio, print and TV interviews in the fulfillment of her responsibilities. These include
promoting awareness of the need to eliminate architectural and attitudinal barriers,
informing the able-bodied public of the achievements of disabled people across
Massachusetts and promoting Ms. Wheelchair America by competing in the annual Ms.
Wheelchair America Pageant and by assisting in the establishment of programs in all of the